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Hundar i Världen

The book "Hundar i Världen" or Dogs of the World, was first published in 1994 and is available in a number of languages. The latest, completely reworked 6th edition contains more than 400 dog breeds was published in 2013.


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Who You Know

The year is 1979 and 23 year old Alex Coalcat returns to London after two years in California photographing surfers with a friend and mentor. Determined to pursue a career as a photographer while working in a hotel, he meets a girl on a parallel quest. Love and fate take him to Sweden and the Middle East. The people that cross his path may be starting him on the road towards his goal. That road turns out to be going off in some unexpected directions.



Unfair Game

The year is 1992 and the trade in illegal animal parts originating in western Canada is the subject of investigation by a photographer and writer team. Alex and Elizabeth are drawn into a criminal world of trophy hunting and international intrigue. Romance develops between the two as they fight for the story and their lives in the Canadian wilderness and the Pacific Northwest.
Hunting becomes the big game.


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